Technical Info - Crystals
A term associated with the resistance of a crystal unit. A crystal unit with low resistance is said to have good activity while crystal until with high resistance is said to have bad activity.
A term used to describe a sudden increase followed by a return to the previous level of the activity of a crystal unit.
A change in the frequency and/or the resistance of a quartz crystal unit with the passage if time.
The angle at which a resonator plate is cut from the quartz stone in relation to the original crystallographic axes. The angle of cut is critical to the performance of the crystal unit, particularly in the area of frequency deviation over a temperature range.
The commercial designation for a specifically oriented resonator plate, having desirable and repeatable operating characteristics. The "AT-CUT" is the most popular thickness-shear crystal unit manufactured today.
An AT-Cut crystal in the shape of a rectangular strip. It has a higher ESR than a round AT-Cut crystal, but is small in size, thus allowing smaller crystal packages.
A direction in the quartz stone. The plural of "axis" is "axes".